Gentle rejuvenating with TwinLight®method

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The Price is included:

  • Treatment

  • Accomodation

  • Guiding

This medicinal lake - unique throughout the world - awaits you amongst exquisite green surroundings.

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As a hotel, we have set off our one and only, new, multifunctional Vitalium Laser Centre, with the purpose to provide high quality gynaecology.

The treatments do not cause superficial epithelial damage, there is no healing period, there is no pain, no bleeding, this way our guests may perfectly match the treatment with their hotel rest.

The Vitalium Laser Centre uniquely introduced in Hungary the dual laser technique, with which we can simultaneously treat the superficial and deeper regions of the skin, without causing cicatrisation, complication or prolonging the healing period. Regardless the season, we can make the treatments all time of the year.

  • painless
  • no bleeding
  • no need for narcosis
  • safe
  • may be performed in ambulatory care
  • clinically tested
  • patent protected

The treatments are unique because not only the symptoms cease, but the causes as well.

During the use of the medical devices the newest breakthrough, which cannot be compared to any other device has been brought to the physicians and the patients by the Fotona’s device using Er:YAG and Nd:YAG – Er:YAG laser techniques. This new method may produce the effect of surgical interventions, this way patients who are not yet ready for the surgical intervention may undergo the treatment. The effectiveness of the Fotona laser treatments is medically proved by precise measurements and with a series of clinical studies.

The wrinkle removing and rejuvenating treatment can be made with the help of epithelium removing Er:YAG laser and as well with the help of epithelium preserving Nd:YAG laser; the use of either type depends on the exact aesthetic result that the patient and the physician want to achieve. The epithelium removing and preserving methods may be combined to create an overall, aging-stopper treatment, such as the FOTONA TwinLight® fractional rejuvenating method.

The so far used skin rejuvenating treatments concentrated on larger areas of the skin, regardless of the fact that it has or not been aging. The Fotona TwinLight® fractional rejuvenating treatment method instead, aims precisely the imperfections of the skin, leaving the surrounding healthy skin untouched. The heat of the laser simultaneously enhances the collagen formation of the skin in the cutis and in the healthy skin surrounding of the treated area this way speeding up the process of renewal.

The TwinLight® fractional rejuvenating treatment is a simple, 3-step method, which has been optimized to unequivocally enhance the smoothness of the skin and to make it look healthier and fresher. The Fotona Nd:YAG laser beam’s deep heat effect helps to renew the skin and enhance the process, while the Er:YAG beam helps the body to form a newer and tighter epithelial layer.

This type of treatment can be used on any type of skin and in case of any skin tone, with minimal healing period.

The Hotel Europa Fit Superior enjoys a quiet location a quarter mile from the Heviz thermal lake. It features a wide range of pools, saunas, treatments and events free of charge.

  • Welcome drink

  • For half board price you will get almost full board! In spring, autumn and winter, our guests can taste delicious Hungarian soup at noon (12:00-14:00) – complementary from our hotel. (except 19.06.-21.08.2016)

  • Specialist&'s examination and control check-up on request

  • Set up the therapy plan

  • 10 VITALIUM medical treatments prescribed by our specialist + 2 treatments free

  • A special dietary guidance at your request

  • All rooms equipped with LCD television

  • Free use of WIFI (with the laptop by the guests)

  • The limitless use of the sauna and bath area of the house

  • Fitnessroom

  • Bath robe

  • Children’s room and playground

  • Free cosmetician’s, dentist’s and nutrition consultation

  • Programmes included in the permanent weekly hotel programs free of charge Various fitness programs

  • All rooms have a balcony or terrace, air conditioning, a satellite TV and a private bathroom including a hairdryer


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Gentle rejuvenating with TwinLight®method

Gentle rejuvenating with TwinLight®method

The Price is included:

  • Treatment

  • Accomodation

  • Guiding

This medicinal lake - unique throughout the world - awaits you amongst exquisite green surroundings.